SUDINCO Construction

Modern and safe roadways with a vision for the future


Roads and Highways

SUDINCO has been building road infrastructure since the 1970s, with the highest standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment, which has allowed it to position its technical capacity at a regional level.

Its projects include construction, expansion and rehabilitation of roads, bridges and viaducts, in the different climatic floors of the regional geography. (from 0 m at sea level to 4624 m), that is, Coast, Highlands and Amazon Forest.

Hydroelectric Plants

The company has contributed to the construction of strategic works for the development of Ecuador, such as the Mazar Hydroelectric Power Station, allowing it to enhance resources for the benefit of the country’s population. Within this same project, it was in charge of the construction of 4 km tunnels in the hydroelectric plant, which also included access roads to facilitate the timely progress of the project, providing direct and safe roads in mountain areas.


The construction of modern roads requires dynamic road solutions to redirect traffic through interchanges that allow safe crossings and returns.

SUDINCO has built the most modern road solutions in Ecuador and is currently building this kind of projects in northern Colombia.

Vehicular Bridges

Due to the Andes Mountain region, it is necessary to overcome geography obstacles in ravines with bridges of important spans and gauges. Therefore, SUDINCO has developed valuable experience in the construction of all types of steel and concrete bridges, such as successive flyovers, cable-stayed bridges and prestressed beams.

Pedestrian Bridges

The construction of new highways and the expansion of existing roads have generated the need to provide safety for people living along the roads, for which modern crosswalks are built with facilities for people with disabilities.