Ethics and Integrity

Creating a culture of honesty and righteousness

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Management Policy


ISO 37001:2016

SUDINCO, through its shareholders, directors, managers, employees and business partners, acts transparently and with zero tolerance for bribery and any other form of corruption.

The organization promotes the awareness of its shareholders, directors, managers, collaborators and business partners about the Anti-Bribery Management System and the strict compliance with its Code of Ethics and Conduct. Warning its actors about the internal sanctions based on this document and its Internal Work Regulations, as well as the potential civil and/or criminal consequences of taking part in acts of bribery, actively or passively, or not reporting them if they are known to have occurred.

The raising of concerns, freely, fairly and without reprisals, is encouraged in the face of potential suspicions of bribery involving company members and their business partners, through any of the available reporting channels, anonymously or openly and with the utmost adherence to objectivity. Respect for the freedom of action and authority of the anti-bribery compliance officer is maintained.

Sudamericana Integral de Construcciones S.A. is committed to the legal compliance applicable to its Anti-Bribery Management and to the policies, procedures and other requirements established in its Anti-Bribery Management System, in response to its relevant risks and opportunities, promoting continuous improvement.



Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


This is the reference framework where the fundamental principles and values are described, on which the Business Group will seek to fulfill its objectives. Establishing the guidelines to defend, respect, comply with laws, force regulations, internal rules and good customs that lead to contribute the corporate honesty, efficiency and truthfulness.

The practice of this doctrine is indispensable for a harmonious coexistence of people within the companies that make up the organization.

All employees and partners must know, comply with and respect this Code, which reaffirms the commitment of ethics and integrity standards.







Sudamericana Integral de Construcciones SUDINCO S.A., is a company dedicated to the construction of infrastructure works nationally and internationally with extensive experience. As part of responsible management, it has been decided to implement a policy against violence and discrimination between women and men, as a way of promoting dignity and equality in our workplaces and outside of them; therefore, the Senior Management and other collaborators of the organization, commit to the following:

– Prohibit those acts that promote remunerative discrimination against women and men, through the determination of categories, functions and salaries, based on equal employment opportunities.

– Promote  male staff awareness in all projects and headquarters of the organization regarding the fight against violence, discrimination, sexual harassment and virtual harassment against women in the workplace and family.

– Contribute to the fight against violence, discrimination, sexual harassment and virtual harassment against women for the benefit of our employees, as well as the well-being of their families and society in general.

– Prevent, through knowledge of the applicable legal regulations, the probability that a case of violence against women, discrimination, harassment and/or virtual harassment, is not reported and the affects on the staff and/or their families.

– Include foreign personnel in the culture of the countries where it operates.

– Seek continuous improvement in the process of fighting violence, discrimination, harassment and virtual harassment against women.

Likewise, Sudamericana Integral de Construcciones SUDINCO S.A. undertakes to disseminate this policy to its interested parties so that consistent standards of behavior are adopted in this context.