Sudamericana Integral de Construcciones S.A. goes hand in hand with the transformation, and is renowned for the application of technology in the construction of civil works, which makes the construction processes more dynamic and reduces the environmental impact, guaranteeing the conditions for a well-done job.


For this purpose, we have an ERP system that automates the operation and integrates the projects, managing the allocation of resources, machinery maintenance and its applications, both financial and accounting.


It has adequate facilities for the employees and camps, good working conditions to guarantee in an integral way the quality of life of the personnel, who are in charge of the maintenance and construction of the works. With well-established communication and control systems, green areas for recreation.


Production Sites


Engineering in the elaboration of own construction materials, under norms that assure the integral supply in the different processes of transformation, which allows to guarantee the quality of the work and its autonomy to satisfy all the indispensable requirements.

Mines and concrete plants


Strategically located to extract stone material so that it can be processed with all the necessary guidelines. The facilities have the respective permits and are operated under sustainability criteria for the benefit of the environment. It also has concrete plants that comply with auditable quality models.

Crushing and Asphalt


Asphalt plants, high production and versatility crushing equipment that are moved to the source of the material, being the pioneers in Ecuador in using this type of technology.



SUDINCO is the only Ecuadorian private company that has quality control laboratories accredited by the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service (SAE).

The production, quality of the stone aggregates, concrete and asphalt emulsions are monitored and controlled in our own laboratories, where rigorous quality control is carried out by civil engineers specialized in geotechnics and scientific research studies.



  • Ensure compliance with technical construction specifications.
  • Ensure the use of competent materials.
  • Ensure the life of the projects for the design period.

Emulsified Asphalt


The company is committed to this kind of production with a state-of-the-art system that is friendly and responsible to the environment.


25 years of good business practices, as a standard of innovative and sustainable technologies.