Building leadership

Promoting growth step by step



The company has a high commitment with the continuous improvement of its collaborators, its growth depends on the result of the aptitudes and the effort of all those who are part of it. SUDINCO promotes the development of its employees, through the generation of professional advancement opportunities and prioritizes internal employees for job promotions.

Competitiveness and efficiency are elements that define the future of organizations, which is why SUDINCO considers the effective use of policies and human resource development for training.



Organizational growth and acceptance are the result of talent, professional capacity and human quality, these being the main competitive advantages.

Professionalism and ethics are the references in the culture of the personnel hired at SUDINCO, with a correct division of roles and functions based on the objectives and strategies to be followed, developing high performance groups and putting into practice the concepts of inclusion, opportunities for change, competitive salaries, safety and occupational health. The company’s strength is based on the committed work of a group of around 2,550 collaborators.